Imprint Counseling Services

Imprint Counseling serves youth ages 6-17 and the adult population. Call (225) 802-8912 today for your Teletherapy/Telemental Health appointment.

Mission:  Imprint Counseling Services, LLC strives to forge a lasting and positive imprint on the lives of individuals and their families by making counseling services readily available. Our services can help identify the cause of life challenges and assist in providing coping techniques to enable emotional stability and growth.

13579546_sReferrals:  Self referrals from families are welcome.  Referrals are also accepted from schools, social service agencies, law enforcement, court systems, mental health centers, physicians, psychiatrists, hospitals, etc.

Counselors are members of the National Board of Certified Counselors, the American Counseling Association and the Louisiana Counseling Association.

Easy Scheduling • Comprehensive Assessment & Diagnosis