Policies and Fees


21191474_sPlease be prompt for your appointment times. Those arriving to online appointments more than 15 minutes after scheduled appointment may not be seen as appointments are scheduled to allow enough time for the patient and those who may have appointments after him or her. Ensure you are able to utilize your full appointment time by arriving on time and situating in the area of your home with the strongest internet connection.

Please be advised that Imprint Counselors do NOT prescribe medicine.  Counselors work with primary care physicians to ensure they are aware of discussions concerning medications. Counselors are always available for physician questions and concerns; however, information will only be released in accordance with HIPPA guidelines and requirements.


Medicaid is accepted. All recipients are welcome. We also accept various Insurance plans including Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and United Healthcare. Please call for fee information. Credit/debit cards and paypal are accepted at the time services are rendered. No personal checks will be accepted.